Working With A Quality and
Informed Tax Preparer Is Critical
To Your Financial Health

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Working With You To Ensure a Quality Tax Return

At TFA Tax, we believe that our clients aren't just numbers. We take the time to
understand your unique situation, ensuring that unnecessary risk is
avoided while maximizing your legitimate returns.

Deeply Knowledgeable Deeply Knowledgeable
Unapologetically Creative Tirelessly Thorough
Powerfully Equipped Unapologeticaly Proactive

TFA.Tax Secrets
To Client Success

Highly Communicative Unwaveringly Thoughtful
Socially Outstanding Highly Insightful
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Deeply Knowledgeable

Deeply Knowledgeable – Over 70 Years Combined Experience
A multi-generational - family owned and operated business
TFA Tax has been solving the tax challenges of individuals and families - since 1872

Highly Experienced Team – 150 Years Combined Experience

A multi-generational, family owned and operated business, TFA Tax has been solving the tax challenges of individuals and families since 1872. We strive to ensure that each client receives the same white-glove treatment each and every time. Often times, our clients joke that we become their "family tax preparer".

With over 70 years of experience in the business the seasoned tax professionals at TFA Tax handle thousands of tax returns per year.
We work with a multitude of clients from all realms, so we’re always abreast of the changing tax law landscape.


Anthony Ferrara, in business since 1983, experienced the tax reform of 1986,
the tech bubble of 2001 and the 2008 mortgage crisis. In June of 1987, Mr. Ferrara became an enrolled agent; We have in-house CPAs including Frank Pisano and hold various memberships such as NAEA and NATP (Enrolled Agents; Tax Practitioners)

Rigorous, Quality Control-Based Procedures Accurate and Compliant

Our rigorous, quality control-based procedures ensure that our returns are reviewed for accuracy and compliance. This type of approach typically slows down turnaround time but is an important price to pay for peace of mind. The IRS has stats regarding the prep time for various tax return elements - we spend one and a half to two times the amount of time as others to ensure that our clients have the peace of mind they need.

We also do audit proofing.

Tirelessly Thorough

Our rigorous, quality control-based procedures
ensure that our returns are reviewed for accuracy and



MORE than just “Annual Tax Preparers”

We are MORE than just “Annual Tax Preparers”

When working with our clients, we encourage quarterly or semi-annual discussions and meetings to make any adjustments as needed. We pride ourselves in doing forecasts for you to intercept any problems that may arise.


We encourage clients to move away from the ‘annual tax preparation model’.



We’ve Been A Staple And “Legacy” In The Community For Multiple Generations.

Where others have been accused of “just getting it done”, we are all about being thorough and maintaining the integrity of your concern. and support you during operation.


We’re more than just tax preparation.
We’re here to help you transition through major life changes.
We’ve helped individuals transition from being employees to entrepreneurship.
We’re there when milestones arrive. Our signature is a personalized and customized return.


Unwaveringly Thoughtful

We’ve been a staple and “legacy” in the community for multiple generations



Highly Insightful

At TFA Tax,
We Have A Heightened Awareness

We Conform To Our Client’s Occupation

Depending on the nature of a your business, we deeply research deductions relevant to that industry. Every return is customized for our customer’s needs.


We’ve mastered the balancing act between tax minimization and audit prevention.

We are fine tuned to seek out the “obvious” and the “not so obvious.”

We search low and high for deductions compatible with your business, such as “firefighter deductions” and “teacher deductions”.



The IRS Doesn’t Take Eight Months Off, So Why Should Your Tax Preparer?

At TFA Tax, we provide “year-round tax preparation service”. We are tax preparers in July, in September, as well as in April and March.


We want our clients to know that you are important to your tax preparer and that your concerns are shared by your tax preparer.


Impressively Responsive

The IRS doesn’t take eight months off,
so why should your tax preparer?